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Ghost Hunting and Paranormal Activity

We started Ghost Party Ghost Hunting and Paranormal trips about 20 years ago after taking many trips to historic towns and staying in some fantastic bed and breakfasts.  So many times we would hear ghost stories told by the front desk clerk, maids, or waiters.  Soon we found ourselves by the fireplace surrounded by the other guests in the hotel and hanging on the storytellers every word.  Then we would all gather afterwards and talk about our own personal experiences there and eventually make some great friends with our same crazy interest....Ghost Hunting.  We would set out to all capture a photo of a lady in white, or hear a voice in the middle of the night, and then reconvene the next day to tell the best story!  We now offer all types of excursions, parties, and tours.  From our local tours featuring Ghost Hunting Equipment to an ultimate Ghost Hunting Trip to  the Shining movie hotel in Colorado, spending the night in Savannah, Ga's  for a weekend ghost hunt at some of the most haunted places, or even Scotland with a personal Paranormal Investigator that created the backstory for the Travel Channels Dead Files!  No trip is to crazy or too scary for you, right?    Call us for  unbelievable Travel Vacation Packages today!

Coming Events

August 18,  2017

Plant City, Florida

Spend 3 plus hours in the 100 year old Haunted School House. Get exclusive access to the Shock Therapy Room, and Haunted items room .

We include all of the Ghost Hunting Equipment. Night vision, Tri colored 

laser gun communication with the spirits, and more.  Lights out and Locked Down! 

Call for your team ticket today 813-610-1063 

Sept. 2, 2017 

Savannah, Ga-

Ghost Hunting Experience

Some stops included are 

Haunted Fort Jackson, Moon River Brewing co, Pink House, Sorrel Weed House.

Departing from Tampa, Fl. to Savannah.

Pick up stops-

Ocala, Fl.

Jacksonville, Fl.

Savannah, Ga

Call for more details and itinerary

Call for pricing and your team ticket today 813-610-1063

Oct, TBA 2017

Atlanta Ga

Exclusive Oldest Haunted Mansion 

Call for more details and itinerary

Call for pricing and your team ticket today 813-610-1063

San Fransisco-Alcatraz

June 2018 

Pick up stops-Transport to Chicago -

Tampa, Atlanta, Nashville & Chicago

Haunted Train Trip- 

Chicago-San Francisco

Space is now limited !

This is not a budget Trip. 

Fees are based on current travel prices.  



All Ghost Hunting trips through Ghost Party Haunted Tours are priced differently depending on how many people, double occupancy standards, ride share or if you are meeting us there.  We have many options. Please call us with your questions.  We love kids and parents teams!

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