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Haunted Antiques

Haunted items from the most haunted places in the united states. Ghost hunting photos with ghosts.

  All Haunted Furniture in this category come with photos and Unique Story in Frame. Antique furniture will either come with unconfirmed disclaimer or confirmed certificate. Many of our antiques go through our partnering haunted antique stores to have authenticity.

Haunted Furniture

Ghost Party Paranormal Ghost Hunting trip at most haunted hotel in clearwater florida

All Haunted Furniture in this category come with photos and Unique Story in Frame. Some locations where haunted items were acquired have been featured on the Travel Channel, History Channel, and Dead Files.

Haunted Items

Haunted Items at our Haunted Antiques Store found Ghost hunting in the most haunted places.

 All Haunted items in this category come with a ghost photo tag with Unique Story. These items are usually small like perfume bottle, vase, Dolls, or actual photographs. Many items in this category have come from old haunted houses, restaurants,  school houses, and stores having hauntings for over 100 years. Some item locations are in movies, books, and historical texts.

About Us

Ghost picture captured before a Ghost Tour at Haunted restaurant Halloween Tampa Florida


Ghost Party Haunted Tours number one Ghost Tour tourist attraction in Florida and Georgia since 2007 partners with Sleepy Hollow Haunted Antique Store offers Haunted Antiques, Haunted Furniture, Haunted Museum items and other items found on our ghost hunting journeys and investigations. 

Currently we have such items as :

haunted ice cream table and chairs, 

old traveling bar luggage from Haunted Savannah, GA.

 Buy Haunted items such as

haunted mirrors from a ghost hunters home, spooky brass plate with a real witch carving, Antique Costume jewelry and more. 

Stores Located in Tampa and a sleepy little town just north of Valdosta, Ga. 

We will ship or deliver. All come with photo collage of ghost sightings and their own unique story. Makes great 

Unique Birthday Gifts  or Halloween Item


Ghost Hunting Ghost Adventures Trip or overnight ghost hunt for ghost hunters

Know what you have purchased! Items that we sell come from our team of ghost hunters out in the field. Either from haunted journeys, or places that we have investigated. All customers must sign a ghost disclaimer and haunted waiver form. We cannot make a ghost appear once you have purchased your item, nor can we claim to get rid of your ghost after. 

 All items make great conversation pieces and are great unique gifts.  Have fun!

 All sales are final. 


Haunted Prison Paranormal Investigation

Customers have questions? We have answers. Call 813-610-1063 for more specific info, stories about newly acquired pieces, or if you are looking for something special. Next time we are at a haunted location, we can pick it up for you! 

Sorry, we do not swap or buy items from private residences at this time.