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Savannah Ghost Hunter Tour

Ghost Hunting Paranormal tour great for ghost show enthusiasts and paranormal groups,  

No children under age 11.  2 hours  $45.00.  Or 3pm  $Ghost Adventure ages 7-97

Call or text for tickets directly text to your phone. 

Use our ghost-hunting equipment as seen on TV. Includes night vision and thermal tri color meters. 

    call  or text 813-610-1063

Paranormal Investigator Featured Guest

Featured Guest Guide-lead investigator for the Hotel Hell episode on the Travel Channels Dead file will be your guide.

Ghost Hunt through the catacombs of the historic district with your final destination being Moon River Brewing  featured on Ghost Hunters Halloween special and Ghost Adventures.

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Letty Gramajo

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Must go if you are in town!

Thuyen B

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We had an enjoyable night out in historic Ybor for our tour. My son and I did the "ghost adventure" tour and it was a small group of us on a Friday night. Our guide, Chrissy was great! She really tried to engage all of us and get our sense of adventure going. My son clung onto her every word lol.

I am a skeptic so I wasn't really believing what our ghost hunting equipment indicated, but it was still a fun (and spooky!) time. We met up in the lounge area of the Muvico where we got to learn a bit of history about the theater first. I love the historical aspects of these kind of tours the most! The ghost stories we were told along the way kept my attention.

Our tour that night included about 5 stops and we got to go inside two places. We went into Carne Chophouse where we learned the story of the safe outside the restaurant and that the staff there have seen some really weird things! Also learned that the bar and ceiling of the restaurant are original from when the place was first built. Okay, that's not creepy, but it was interesting as the restaurant is so beautiful. We stopped in front of the Don Vicenti Inn and heard the story of Dr. Avellanal's schizophrenic son who did lots of crazy horrible things- this story was my favorite! We were also allowed into the Scientology building where we went into a dark hallway and got to use our ghost hunting equipment.

Good fun! And the group we were with were all very nice and welcoming. Our tour lasted about two hours and my son loved it. He didn't even complain about all of the walking and really got into our little adventure. :) 

Savannah Ghost Hunting Tour Location

Ghost Party takes you on the most unique haunted adventure visiting the most haunted places in Savannah. We use ghost hunting Equipment as seen on Paranormal shows like Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures on SYFY channel.   

Our Savannah Ghost Tours depart from Gold Dome Clock at old city hall between Bay st, and River Street

2 Bay Street Savannah, Ga

Call for more info about our Savannah Ghost Hunting Exclusives and more Savannah haunted tours and haunted restaurant add on when booking. Call or text 813-610-1063