Paranormal Experiences at real Haunted Places with Ghost Hunting Equipment

Ghost tour photo sent to us by a ghost hunting enthusiast 
On the Tampa Ghost Tour-Ghost PARTY

Ghost Hunting Trips

Ghost Hunting Trips

Ghost Hunting Trips

 Paranormal group had their last ghost hunting event for the year at the most haunted place in New Orleans. 3 haunted exclusive investigations and overnight in a haunted hotel.

Bellview Biltmore most Haunted Hotel Tampa Florida. Spooky Ghost Hunting with the paranormal group.

Ghost Hunting June

Ghost Hunting Trips

Ghost Hunting Trips

 We are kicking off the summer in florida right and headed to the most haunted place  after popular demand and request! This is an exclusive one of a kind overnight ghost hunt at the grand  opening of the most haunted Biltmore!  A white rose will mysteriously be delivered to your room in the evening and may float through your room as reported by one paranormal investigator. Dinner is at the second undisclosed location that will not disappoint! Call for more details and secure link to pay for your admission.

Ghost Hunting trip to Savannah Georgia with Ghost Tour and overnight haunted hotel most haunted places.

Ghost Hunting July

Ghost Hunting Trips

Ghost Hunting July

That's right, it's the trip you've all been waiting for. Ghostparty is headed to Savannah Georgia. Stay in the most haunted hotel in the historic district almost 200 years old !  Visit catacombs, graveyards, the old flirt haunted by soldiers featured on the Travel Channel, and an undisclosed famous location featured on ghost  hunters and ghosted ventures specials! Call for more information about transportation, haunted dining,and link to pay for your admission. 

Special Haunted Valentines Day

Columbia Restaurant - Haunted Dinner & Ghost Adventure

Come join the Ghost Party with Ghost Hunters like yourself. Have dinner at the beautiful historic Columbia Restaurant while meeting your host,  Paranormal Investigator Krissy Koplen. Hear haunted tales while on  a journey into the paranormal using ghost hunting equipment. Completely Interactive 

6:30 -Dinner and Flamenco Dancing Show(while tables last)  

8pm Ghost Adventure Tour

Paranormal Experience 

Includes all of the latest Ghost Hunting Equipment.  

Call or text for more info 813-610-1063 or

See Ghost Tour Tickets for more details

Ghost Hunting Trip to the Haunted Prison

Take a private ghost hunting EXPERIENCE 

Our Ghost Busters van leaves from Tampa to Gainesville for the best haunted excursion Florida has to offer.  Ghost stories, haunted movies, and snacks along the way. See Ghost Tour Tickets for more info or call 

813-610-1063 for your special party trip. Paranormal Lockdown in the jail, return to Tampa by 3am.  Three Haunted stops total!