Haunted Places to Stay

Most Haunted Place to stay this month features is in Savannah, Ga

The Marshall House is our pick for the most haunted place to stay this month.

Featured on the Travel Channel and visited many times by the paranormal group, we share this ghost story.

We stayed in the Balcony suite closest to the honeymoon suite. We were told in advance by the front desk staff that it may get a little noisy for us that evening due to a wedding party next door to our room.  We went out on the town that night in search for ghosts and found almost every street corner had a haunted hotel or haunted building. We made it back to the room after midnight and all was quiet. Until the door to the room next door started slam closed a few times. It was just some little kids, probably the children from the wedding party going home.

But finally it was too much and they were getting a little out of control and annoying. We called down to the front desk and they apologized and they said they would send somone up to talk to the parents of the children. However,  it did not stop and it continued all night about every hour until 4 or so, until we finally fell asleep.

Around 7 am someone slipped the usual room receipt under the door. I jumped up to mention how poorly we slept and to ask for a later check out.  I told the clerk and she made a strange face as I was asking her for this request.  All she said to me was, "The wedding party checked out last night as the couple left after the wedding for the airport. No one was in the room after 7pm." All I could say was...."Are you sure?"  She said, "You must have heard Rosie and her friends.  Rosie is a little girl ghost who died in the hotel over 100 years ago!"   

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