BAT 🦇 Houses

Custom Bat Houses and Mailboxes

Chris Koplen, Tampa Ghost Hunter, backstory researcher for the Travel Channels Dead Files Hotel Hell, and founder of Ghost Party Haunted Tours finds a small amount of time on her hands while spending the winters in Valdosta, Ga.  When she would take walks at dusk in some of the most haunted places in florida she would notice how many bats would fly overhead enjoying the abundance of  insects, specifically mosquitos In Tampa. When she would return home to Ga. in the winter and sit on her porch, She noticed fuzzy mouselike looking animals up above her head in a tiny corner of the roof above her.  She decided to build a small bat house in her backyard that looked like a castle. 

Neighbors and people just driving by would stop and ask where she got it. At first she would make a few and give them as unique gifts. But like most hobbies, it became an obsession and took most of her day perfecting special request such as a relative that wanted one painted Pittsburg steelers colors, and another wanted one that looked like the famous Nightmare before Christmas skeleton. Her most recent unique request was a mailbox 

that looked like a Haunted House with ghosts that pop up when you have mail. These are her new Pop up mailboxes. 

Order Bat House and Mailboxes

Call 813-610-1063 or text us an inquiry with a pick or your idea and someone will call you to discuss a small deposit for creation and time frame. Usually takes 10 days for a small creation to 15 days for a large creation. 

Bat Houses and Mailboxes

we may have what you like already made. Ask about our special in stock creations. Pictures will be available soon. We have castles, NFL teams, mouse ears, wizard hats, and large bats and much more.